Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sleeping Babies

Our household has been a little under the weather this week and David, like the rest of us, had a rough few days there. He kept falling asleep wherever he was sitting or laying down. Around noon when I was reading to him and Mac he fell asleep on my right shoulder, Mac fell asleep on my left shoulder and Ruthie fell asleep on my chest. I thought perhaps I wouldn't move and ruin the moment so I joined the club and took a 20 minute nap on the couch with my three sleeping babies. It was sweet, but unfortunately there was no one there to take the picture.


  1. Yeah! Love those power naps! 20 minutes is perfect. At least you got him!

  2. We'll just have to picture you with your three little ones and you taking a nap. Must have been cute. Uncle David always took power naps--every day!

  3. sweet.


    Hope everyone is feeling better!