Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Choo Choo- week 3

Amber -1
Alana -5
Jan -6
Janice -7
Jodie -6.8
Laura -3
Priscilla -2
Sarah 3.3
Sonnet -3.5
Zach -5

Just remember the deadly S's of weight loss:

Sugar (and corn syrup)- needs no explanation. Watch this stuff slide past your lips and land... well, anywhere the heck it wants to as fat. Refined carbohydrates have been linked to all sorts of disease other than just obesity including diabetes, cancer and heart disease.
Salt (or sodium)- Its got no calories, sure, but it makes you thirsty and hungry. Just think of a handful of satisfying nuts. Cover those nuts in salt and you can Eat and Eat and eat...
Stress- Watch your stress levels and try to control them. Stress leads to increased cortisol which leads to packing weight in around the mid section. Many people are emotional eaters too. If they get stressed they eat more. Try to de-stress with some exercise or a nap. Which leads me to...
Sleep- If you are low on sleep your body looks for other energy sources of quick energy like a sugary drink...
Soda (the death trap of American diets) Soda probably contains one or ALL of the following deadly S's: Sugar, syrup, stimulant, saccharin, and sodium. Yes, check your cola, it has salt in it to make you thirsty and is covered up by a sweetener. Soda provides NO nutrition and is sure to make you hungrier, dehydrated and well, FATTER. Diet drinks are no better, the majority of obese people prefer diet soda.

Standard American Diet = SAD