Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Walking opens up options


I have decided that being a walker opens up all sorts of options to a toddler that weren't there before. The act of walking frees up two extra limbs with which to explore, open, pull out, pull down, grasp, hoist, carry and get into general naughtiness. Lincoln is thoroughly pleased with these new possibilities. His first official steps from the coffee table to the couch were on Christmas eve but he took a few weeks to decide that he liked walking more than rug burns on his knees. Still not too much on the verbal front, but he can climb up on the couch by himself and loves to jump around. Let's face it, everybody loves the baby. He just makes us smile.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Three, Three, Who could it be?

       Our little sugar-and-spice has had a birthday.She had to practice holding up the new age indicator on her fingers, but she got it after a few tries. Ruthie was so thrilled with her new hello kitty comforter, Frozen scooter, and shinny shoes. Zach and I have made an executive decision that a child must be at least 4 years old to receive a party so next year I will do something that involves the color pink and glitter. Even if Ruthie was ready for a party this year, the friends she would be inviting may not have been. Ruth Anne is quite articulate and loves to sing, dance, have her toes painted, go to nursery, jump on the trampoline, read books, go to preschool, and have friends over that will actually play dolls with her. Ruthie is getting pretty good at holding a pen the right way and tracing her name as well as cutting with scissors. She is also my neatest eater- CURRENTLY, not just for her age- and will use a small knife to push her food up onto her fork. I love to listen to her pray for all the children, "to be SO good for mom and dad," and to hear her giggle when she gets excited. 

We love you butterfly blue eyes!

She ate exactly 1 bite of this
butterfly cake she asked for
This is the 4 child and the 6th time I've used that number 3 candle.
It's about done with its usefulness.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Office Space

Over Christmas break Zach decided to revitalize his dungeon cell down in the basement, since he will be spending so much time there in the coming months. I should have taken a before picture so you  could see the difference, but just imagine brown wooden boards as shelves and an unsightly tan color on the walls. If you are a man, you may say to yourself, "The walls still look tan," but if you are a woman you realize that they are now an appealing taupe color instead. This nook was never really organized after we moved in a year and a half ago so it was over due for a tidying up. Left side office, right side food storage. Best of both worlds.Happy writing Zach.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mom age 20

Nancy Ruth Story age 20 February 1963

Wasn't my mother beautiful? I've loved looking at this picture in her curio cabinet since I was a little girl. Now it is mine and I will preserve it for my Ruth to have someday.

Merry Christmas Card- 1991

so proud of the snowman we 'helped' to build 
Alana age 1
My dad saved this awesome Christmas card that I had made for his folks, my paternal grandparents, circa 1991. It is made out of a folded piece of poster board so it wouldn't fit on the scanner all at one time, but perhaps you can piece it together in your mind's eye. I think I'm probably still (inexplicably) a little proud of it.  

Amber and Alana on the swing with Grandpa Steve, the swing that Grandpa Steve built himself

Alana (2yr) amber (3 1/2 yr) with father 1985

With Grandma Ella Ogarek

Alana celebrating Grandpa's birthday