Friday, July 30, 2010

This is the place

After Zach's 40 hour trip across the country and our two leg flight our family is back together again in the beautiful Utah Mountains. Our journey isn't quite finished since Zach has to fly back and drive all our stuff out here in a few weeks, but for now we are enjoying the adjustment of not being official east coasters any more.

Behold the Utah Sky. We had sky in Raleigh but not like this. Much of it was crowded by the trees which is NOT a problem here.

This is our little raspberry after taking him hiking and swimming in one day. I know, I know, more sunscreen. I felt terrible, won't happen again.

Becky and I at the Mount Timpanogas temple. It took us about 10 minutes to get there which is typical driving distance for Utahans. It was good to visit the House of the Lord with her.

Just call me Sacajawea. I tied my baby on with a pice of cloth provided by my hostess with the mostest, Joy and hiked up to the Pleasant Grove "G" . Instead of taking the switch back trail Zach headed straight up the steep one which proved to be somewhat of a challenge. No fear, we made it up safely and down again with Mac sleeping for 90% of the time on my back.

This is Gabe and David's 3 year old cousin Haley. They get along smashingly. There is so much to do here at the Lindon Hutchin's home, they are in Little boy heaven.

Just feeling grateful.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We have Break Through!

We have break through folks. Mac Attack is getting his first tooth and taking it quite well. Gabe gushed rivers of water when he was cutting teeth and David got a fever with EVERY single tooth that came in. Mac is doing OK by comparison for now with just a runny nose. He still a cheery face however. He loves eating so much already, just imagine the possibilities with teeth :o)

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Today's the big day. Me and the boys are flying out to Utah from Massachusetts. David Hyrum has been talking about it for a month now ever since he found out we were going to be flying on a plane. I think he is excited and also a little bit nervous about the noise. We are flying out with Zach's brother Ben and his family. Hopefully their older kids can be a help with my smaller ones. It promises to be a very long day, but not as long as Zach's 40 hour drive across the country for the past 2 1/2 days and our van. I really can't imagine doing that with a 4 year old, 2 year old, and 8 month old. Yuck- Thanks for sparing us Zach.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Some of our good friends in Raleigh are planning to adopt and I'd like to spread the word. Its Jonathan and Emily Wade, who some of you might know. Jon was our amazing home teacher and his wife just sparkles. I'd hand my kids over to them in a second if Zach and I weren't able to take care of them. If I were a little spirit in heaven, I don't think I could wish for better parents. Check out their profile and keep them in mind if you hear of any opportunities. Thanks!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Swabing the deck

Last night I was bathing my three little pirates together in their little ocean and they were playing with pirate toys complements of cousin Mason. I got Gabe out to dress him, I got David out to dress him, and then when I went to get Mac out I noticed something murky in the deep blue sea. Low and behold, he had pooped in the tub. This is not the first time with my kids that that has happened, and I'm sure it won't be the last, but as I was cleaning up all the pirate toys I thought to myself, "I wonder if this is how sailors felt when they were assigned to swab the 'poop deck'." I know I'm terribly punny. Ahoy mateys! Happy sailing.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Pass the baby

(Sarah and Mac)

Its like pass the pig, only cuter.

Cousin Adam

Cousin Mason

Aunt Jenny

Oh hi mom, I think I remember you.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Busy Bending the Tenth Commandment

If you are running through the list of commandments in your head wondering which one I'm "bending" , it's the one about not coveting, specifically not coveting your neighbor's house. This is a house in Raleigh that I've always admired and I wanted to take a picture of it before we left. This is just in case we ever get to build a house in that magical mythical future of surplus money. The majority of the living space plus 4 bedrooms are all on the main level. There is a garden to the left and a cute car port to the right and an unfinished second floor for your own imagination. The pice of property really adds to its allure since it is set off the road just shaded enough to be private but out enough to see. The lady who lives there was very nice and let me see the inside, which was beautiful. The celings were 9 feet, per their request, which I thought was great. Tall enough to not feel squashed but not so tall you are losing money on heating and cooling. Doesn't it just have a homely southern feel with the covered front porch and the oval window at the top? Don't be surprised if one of these southern houses pops up in Utah some day. Ahhh.... How lovely.

They don't call 'em Great for nothing!

There is something lovely about being a grandparent. Getting to spoil adorable children who resemble you in some vague way, and then returning them to their parents to do the dirty work of dicipline.

There is something extra special however, about being a GREAT- grandparent. You have arrived. It is a mark of acheivement. Something you can hold up to the world and say "HA, I lasted, look and see. My posterity keeps coming and coming. " Not unlike surviving a war and winning. Heck, most of them have been through a couple of wars themselves. Look on world, this is a Great grandmother. She never complains about how life has treated her and always seeks the comfort of others. If I ever have a daughter we are seriously considering naming her Ella after this woman. We'll miss our weekly visits of going to see her once we move. We love you great-grandma!


"Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less."

(Borrowed from a sacrament talk)

Best Friends

Zach: "David are you excited to go to cousin Mason's house?"
David: Thinks for a moment, "Cousin Mason give me candy?"
Zach:" Thats right, Uncle Roger (Mason's dad) gave you candy."
David: "Uncle Roger my best friend!"

(A few nights later while we were reading Book of Mormon)

Zach: "David, does Jesus love you?"
David: "Yes, Jesus Christ my best friend. Jesus give me candy?"

Humm....Does this say something about my parenting...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Its in the genes

Grandpa Ogarek and all his decendents up to date- 2 girls, and 6 grandchildren

Tis a very tricky thing to get six small children looking at the camera and smiling at one time. Nigh impossible I would say. Its the thought that counts, right? And you know what I think- I think that this is a good looking posterity.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Local Culture

If this doesn't spell class I don't know what does.
This guy sat in front of us at the Durham Bulls game last Thursday

Whenever a team hits a home run the bull snorts smoke and swings his tail. It is very exciting, especially if you are 4 years old.

Enjoying time with the "older" boys.

Taking a stroll with grandma on a blessedly NOT hot day. The break in the weather was wonderful.

Go Bulls!

Fifel Goes West

We had our first casualty of war, Us vs. Stuff. The stuff won in this case. Have no fear, we shall conqure at last. David Hyrum dropped a #10 can of wheat on his bare toe as he was helping us move the food storage down to the garage. Ouch! He may loose that toenail. He barely even blinked. Tough kid. The neglegent parents then had him put on shoes but he lost most of his interest in carrying at that point.

Gabe is excited to move out West, just like Fifel Mouskin in the movie we saw this past week. We explained that we are moving west but it won't be exactly like it is in the movie. Think a lot like Raleigh except with more Mountains, straighter roads, and less trees. I think it is slowly seeping in.

Thought for the day from our Relief Society discussion about joy, "If you're not happy where you are, you're not going to be happy where you're going." Thank you Laura and to your father who shared that wisdom with you. That is why I'm looking forward to Utah, because I've loved Raleigh so much.