Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Mommy, there are numbers on David's Face!"

David has had a rough few weeks. He has had more than his fair share of sickness and been a little trooper through it all. What started out as a cold went sour and ended up with as an ear infection. After 7 days on the medication he broke out in hives. Big red welts all over his body that made him swell up in addition to the raccoon mask he had over his face. At first we thought it was something we gave him on Thanksgiving that we shouldn't have. After talking it over with the doctor she called for an immediate ceasing of the amoxacillian because it is a common allergen. As David began to clear up the welts turned into rings. That morning Gabe yells to me across the breakfast table- "Mommy, David has numbers on his face!" Numbers on his face? "Which numbers Gabe?"(Gabe) "Eight" (Me) "Any other numbers?" (Gabe) "Zero". Low and behold, he did have 8 and 0 on his face, poor thing. I guess all that work with numbers is paying off, I wasn't sure until his random spotting of numbers. Gabe also spotted the letter "B" in his corn flakes as shown in the picture. (David has cleared up nicely and is back to his cute self. The ear infection, however, did come back and we had to give him a azithromycin instead- a slightly more expensive alternative to amoxacillian.)