Tuesday, August 25, 2009

There is Sunshine in my Soul Today

There is definitely sunshine in my soul today because I'm married to this guy. Wonderful husband and superhero father. Its his first day back at school so he likes to make an impression on all those incoming freshman in his English class. Nothing says, "WAKE UP KIDS its back to school," like his banana yellow coat pictured here.

This past weekend we celebrated his 26th birthday (August 20th) with some family dinner and gifts. On the menu was a Cafe Rio pork salad -yummmmmmm.... A recreation of a Utah restaurant favorite, as anyone who has visited BYU can attest to. I can't wait till that chain comes to NC but for now, the homemade version is an excellent substitute. Zach says its, "the best thing I make," even though I can't claim much of the glory except for following the recipe cards.

Dinner was followed up by the traditional German chocolate cake which he's requested 5 years running. He now has two little helpers to blow out his candles so we had to light them twice. Next year he says he might want to put in a different order for passion fruit chocolate cake he had in Brazil. It has a fancier name than that, but its not coming to mind since I don't speak Portuguese. (Just when I was getting really comfortable at making this cake)

This was his "big" gift, being comfortable while he finishes his dissertation. Up until now we've just been sitting in a folding chair. I'm sure it will be well used in the years to come.

Happy Birthday Hun! I think your tops!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sleep tight

Here in the Hutchins' household we have had some cute moments lately with our little sleeping angels. They are always angels when they are asleep. (When they are awake it is sometimes an entirely different matter.)

The first picture is Gabe in his "mouse nest." That is what he likes to call it when he gathers (and steals) as many pillows as he can get his hands on and stuffs them all into one pile- preferably all on top of him. I'm guessing he got this idea from a children's book but I can't remember which one. You can see a tiny tuft of hair sticking ouf of the latest nest he built in David Hyrum's crib. He is asleep and sweating profusly under all those pillows in this 90 degree weather but it didn't seem to bother him.

A few days later I found David Hyrum sleeping serenely in his crib with an entire roll of toilet paper around him. I guess I put the porta-crib too close to the TP dispenser and it seemed the perfect amusement before retireing to la la land. Most of the paper is under the blanket I threw over him. It is now being used from a big pile on the bathroom sink one piece at a time.

I may have saved the best for last. This is the close up. The next picture is what you saw when you came in the room.

In the afternoon David goes to sleep around 1:00 and then Gabe had his reading time and a short video before going to his own quiet time. Since they share a room at night David Hyrum takes his nap in the porta-crib in the bathroom so Gabe can play quietly in their room with toys. Its usually quite messy when quiet time is over but he is very good to only leave if he has to use the rest room. The other day I guess he couldn't quite get his shorts back up after using the loo and decided that he was too tired to try. Zach walked in to find a mess and a full moon peeking out around the closet door. Gabe had setteled in there, half naked, and decided to take a snooze for the remainder of quiet time. (I'm sure if he were old enough he would be quite mortified that I was sharing this with the world so lets just keep this between us, ok?) Sweet dreams!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rodent slayer

(This picture was actually taken over a month ago, its grown)

My garden has been only mildly successful this year. Lots of foliage, limited produce. One of the primary reasons- rodents. Namely Rabbits and squirrels. It is the beginning of August now, well past time for the first ripe tomatoes to be ready and yet until this past week I haven't gotten a single one. You ask why, I shall tell you. Those little gray varmints stole every single one. I know I should be getting ripe tomatoes, I've had green ones for quite some time, and I've also had rows of empty stems where I know tomatoes once resided.

(Just look at those red beady little eyes, I don't think its the camera)

Well my loving husband took up the clarion call to destroy some of the peskiest pests and borrowed a squirrel trap from my father. He has trapped and drown four squirrels up to date in the true pioneer spirit, and I have in fact enjoyed my first handful of sweet cherry tomatoes. The kind you can't get at the store for any price. The tiny tangy garden candy that only comes once a year and was being viciously absconded from my little plot. Do I feel bad about the squirrels? Not at all. It feels much like squishing an ant that is in the kitchen eating my food. Am I glad Zach volunteered for the job so I wouldn't have to drown the small rabble rousers? Absolutely. Thanks knight in shining armor. It at least feels like righteous vengance if nothing else.