Thursday, June 30, 2016

Lincoln my Love

I love this little song bird, and his perpetually dirty face. His vocabulary has increased parallel to his ability to sing. In church during a prayer or at the dinner table I'll ask him to be quiet and he will emphatically proclaim, "NO, I'm singing!" Lincoln has a rather independent soul and is very self entertained. Much of that self entertainment lately has involved unauthorized uses of water, but he is too darn cute to be mad at for long. Lincoln also spends his time climbing, attempting head stands, dancing, playing catch, asking me to take his picture, and looking at books. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tutus and Twirls

Miss Dancey- Pants here performed in her first recital at the end of May to cap off her first year of dancing. Her tiny-tot class taped to an old Elvis song, "Stuck on You" and Ruth was so cute in her earnest efforts at doing all the motions just right (even if they weren't just at the right time). When it was time to take class bows Ruth pranced out onto the stage a full 30 seconds before the other red sequins and made her bows solo. Way to go tootsie pop!