Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Happy 30th ZACH!

Dear Husband of my heart,

I love dad because...

1. he wrestles with us- Gabe
2. he's nice- David
3. he is the job doer (like the one who makes the money)- Gabe
4. he does all the jobs in the house- David
5. he just wanted to serve on his birthday-Alana
6. he reads to me- Gabe
7. he's a good muffin man- Mac
8. he helps the missionaries be more effective-Alana
9. he lets us play bubbles with him- Mac
10. he is a good singer- Ruth
11. he is a great builder- Mac
12. he helps us do rocks-Gabe
13. he swings me in the air-Ruth
14. he plays with us- David
15. he is wise for his buying choices- Gabe
16. he is a good washer of the clothes- Mac
17. he is building me a beautiful dinning room table- Alana
18. he bounces me when we sing, "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam"- Ruth
19. he swings us on the swings-David
20. he lets us climb trees- David
21. he lets us turn on and off the lights in our new house- Gabe
22. he donates unselfishly to those with less-Alana
23. he likes to dance- Mac
24. he gives good hugs- Ruth
25. he is a good teacher and speaker- Alana
26. he takes us to fun places- David
27. he loves to tickle me- Ruth
28. he is a good piano player- Mac
29. he is his own person- Alana
30. he puts the Lord first and his family close behind- Alana

your adoring family

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Work in Progress

    One of Zach's many summer projects is building me a farmhouse table for 10. (as if moving, school work, lawn, finishing floors, and popcorn ceilings weren't enough)It was my wish from last year that got postponed because we were still in the apartment. I looked online a while back and didn't see much in the way of large dinning room tables that weren't formal. I did find one online however that had instructions on how to build it yourself. The guy who made the original post actually ended up selling it for $2000 and building himself another one. The table is coming along quite nicely. Zach still needs to make the bench and the extensions and then do all the finishing work but I think it is going really well. Hurrah for Zach and a table that can fit guests! I'll show you the finished product when he is all done. 

Legs of the table 

Top of table without side extensions.
It looks pock marked because you are looking at the underside of the table with the screw holes. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dancing in the Rain

           We have had a wonderfully mild summer here in Fort Collins thanks to the afternoon rainstorms that have been happening for the last few weeks. I love them because we don't have to water the lawn and it keeps the house cool, the kids love them because it means more puddles to splash in! What makes it even better is they have only been coming late afternoon so we can work outside in the morning, go to the park etc. and then enjoy a little R&R inside later on. Ruthie's dress was pretty dirty after this storm but it was well worth it. (And don't worry Grandpa, no one got sick. I'll put boots on her next time.)