Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dancing in the Rain

           We have had a wonderfully mild summer here in Fort Collins thanks to the afternoon rainstorms that have been happening for the last few weeks. I love them because we don't have to water the lawn and it keeps the house cool, the kids love them because it means more puddles to splash in! What makes it even better is they have only been coming late afternoon so we can work outside in the morning, go to the park etc. and then enjoy a little R&R inside later on. Ruthie's dress was pretty dirty after this storm but it was well worth it. (And don't worry Grandpa, no one got sick. I'll put boots on her next time.)


  1. I love your kids! (AND I love splashing in rain puddles)

  2. Brings back memories when I was a kid. We loved standing in the rain in the summer, as long as it wasn't a thunder storm! Love the last picture of Ruthie! Your children are just sooo darned cute!