Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First White Dress

There is a little tradition floating around the Latter-day Saint community that has to do with a girl's three white dresses. One on the day she is blessed, one on the day she gets baptized, and one on the day she gets married. I've even heard of a few people re purposing their wedding dresses as fabric for their daughter's smaller dresses. Well this is dress number one of (hopefully) three for this little gal. A rowdy crowd, but a nice event overall. We didn't do it in sacrament meeting so that Zach's sister Becky could attend who happened to be in town. 

(If you would like a copy of her blessing via email we have it all typed out, just send me a quick comment. )

 From left to right: Brother Bowles of the bishopric, Tanner, Aaron, Zach, Ben

Friday, February 24, 2012

Finally Four

Present time, Present time, Open the present and see whats inside! David was our little 6 1/2 lb present four years ago, and we've enjoyed him ever since.

On Monday we celebrated his actual birthday with cake and a few presents from Mimi and then again today at his Chuck e Cheese party.

David is a snuggle bear. His love language is touch. He likes to hold Ruthie and give her kisses all the time. He also likes to be held himself or even wrestled with, as long as we are together. He loves being read too, candy, being on the top bunk, singing Praise to the Man, playing with his brothers and indoor recess at preschool. He doesn't like to go outside unless the weather is perfect, broccoli, or cleaning up by himself. He's OK with cleaning if someone will help him. David can read simple sentences on his own and consistently puts his shoes on the wrong feet way more than half the time. He's a cutie and we love him.

David has a funny little tick of pulling on his hair. I think if he were
a girl he would just twist it but since it's too short he just kind of tugs on it.

David has the sweetest smile with big bright eyes but it can  NOT be magically summoned using the word cheese- as evidenced by this picture. 

Happy Birthday David Hyrum,
We Love YOU!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Half Way Done

Alana -3
Jan -6
Janice -10
Jodie -9
Laura 3
Priscilla -4
Sarah 3.3
Zach -5

Tip of the week: "Eat like a poor person"
Coach Vigil (I think that was his name) as quoted in the amazing book Born To Run

Implications: Drink water, grow as much of your own food as possible, make as much of your own food as possible/don't eat out, eat lots of grains, beans, seeds, and  other plants, and don't consume a lot of meat or cheese. I'm sure there are others but you get the picture. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Be Our Guest

"Be our guest, Be our guest , put our magic to the test..."

This past week Zach had a visit from his older brother Aaron and Aaron's daughter Emma. I don't know that we made it quite magical, but it was fun. Besides the fact that both visitors were able to toss up a red cup tower and take it down in less than a minute, they added much life to our little family. After 3 days of unsatisfactory sleeping arrangements, however, Aaron bailed and spent the remainder of his visit with their other brother Ben who lives in Lindon. Zach's sister Becky stayed with Ben for a few days as well but some how I neglected to get any decent shots of her. Opps! I did catch one of her cute baby though. 

Making deluxe from-scratch brownies with cousin Emma. A post-baby blessing treat

Catching a quick chess game with decent competition. This is Zach's favorite board he got in Prague 10 years ago. 

Aaron reigned supreme this weekend winning 2-1 in the series

El Oso (the bear) with Osita (little bear)
You great Spanish speakers out there can correct my grammar if need be.

A Visit from a much closer town

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday. Many of you might know it better as Mardi Gras. That's today. The day before Ash Wednesday, 46 days before Easter, and the kick off to Lent.  In many countries its the time to cleanse your house of sweet and fats so they won't be a temptation during the following month. They do this, of course, by consuming said sweets and fats. I don't happen to celebrate lent, but I do think there is value in abstaining from a bad habit such as sweets or alcohol. Being an American every Tuesday seems to be Fat Tuesday but the abstaining part rarely follows. We had Fat Tuesday last week, Valentine's day. Gabe came home with this atrocity which even he couldn't finish. They did manage to pack down a fair amount of candy and sugar cookies though. 
Heart Pancakes a la chef Zach

slkinky bent after 20 minutes of play

Cute child who may or may not have bent the slinky

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Red Solo Cup

(This is a guest post by Zach)

So last Wednesday my beautiful sister posted on her blog about a wonderful school project that turned into entertainment for her children, who came up with all sorts of creative ways to stack 100 cups. Seeing that blog post may have fueled my competitive juices more than a little bit, and I drove to the store Thursday to buy 300 red Solo cups:

(these cups spell my sister's last name, although they're almost impossible to read because of the camera angle I had to take)

 my boys started stacking while I was gone . . . 
 . . . Who needs Legos when you've got cups? 

But then I came home and we got serious--a 300 cup castle for them to play in that was taller than my 6'1" nephew:

And the Holy Grail of red Solo cup building, a 9x9 at the base three-dimensional pyramid completed by my niece Emma:

So Sis--can you and yours top that? This is an official challenge to you, the Dub, and your brood.

The Modern Mommy

The Modern mommy, texting while holding a baby

Friday, February 17, 2012

A little of the good stuff

We haven't had much of this powdered sugar this  year but the boys enjoyed it while it lasted in the 40 degree weather.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Choo Choo- week 3

Amber -1
Alana -5
Jan -6
Janice -7
Jodie -6.8
Laura -3
Priscilla -2
Sarah 3.3
Sonnet -3.5
Zach -5

Just remember the deadly S's of weight loss:

Sugar (and corn syrup)- needs no explanation. Watch this stuff slide past your lips and land... well, anywhere the heck it wants to as fat. Refined carbohydrates have been linked to all sorts of disease other than just obesity including diabetes, cancer and heart disease.
Salt (or sodium)- Its got no calories, sure, but it makes you thirsty and hungry. Just think of a handful of satisfying nuts. Cover those nuts in salt and you can Eat and Eat and eat...
Stress- Watch your stress levels and try to control them. Stress leads to increased cortisol which leads to packing weight in around the mid section. Many people are emotional eaters too. If they get stressed they eat more. Try to de-stress with some exercise or a nap. Which leads me to...
Sleep- If you are low on sleep your body looks for other energy sources of quick energy like a sugary drink...
Soda (the death trap of American diets) Soda probably contains one or ALL of the following deadly S's: Sugar, syrup, stimulant, saccharin, and sodium. Yes, check your cola, it has salt in it to make you thirsty and is covered up by a sweetener. Soda provides NO nutrition and is sure to make you hungrier, dehydrated and well, FATTER. Diet drinks are no better, the majority of obese people prefer diet soda.

Standard American Diet = SAD

Monday, February 13, 2012

More Newborns

Ain't she cute? We just love her

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sleeping Babies

Our household has been a little under the weather this week and David, like the rest of us, had a rough few days there. He kept falling asleep wherever he was sitting or laying down. Around noon when I was reading to him and Mac he fell asleep on my right shoulder, Mac fell asleep on my left shoulder and Ruthie fell asleep on my chest. I thought perhaps I wouldn't move and ruin the moment so I joined the club and took a 20 minute nap on the couch with my three sleeping babies. It was sweet, but unfortunately there was no one there to take the picture.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Song

I heard this song on the radio a while ago but just watched the video. Aparently Adele is up for some Grammy awards soon and is the artist to watch. It's a catchy tune and as Zach says, "She's got pipes!"

Adele: "Rolling in the Deep"

Happy Weekend

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

After two weeks

Amber -1lb
Alana -3lb 
Jan -4 lb
Janice -6lb
Jodie -5 lb (I think this is right for total weight loss-Jodie?)
Laurabeth -3 lb
Priscilla -2
Sarah 1.8
Sonnet -2.5
Robbie -5lb

Weight loss tip for the day: Keep a food journal. Record the type of food, amount, time of day, and any other pertinent information. You may want to include your emotions if you are an emotional eater or other activities you were doing if you tend to snack as  you drive or sit at the computer. You may consume your extra calories after 8:oo pm snacking on the couch or drink them away in soda. It will help you better realize your weak areas and the simple act of having to record everything that passes your lips will make you think twice before putting it into your mouth.  Calorie counting is rarely accurate or even in the ballpark, but if it helps you reconsider your food choices and choose healthier options it may work for some people.  Regardless of how you choose to do it remember 
Eat Write

Ruthie Bear

This is our little angel. She's been a pretty easy baby so far and not a bad sleeper. She usually only wakes up once or twice a night. She still sleeps a lot during the day too and cuddles up on your chest when you hold her.  (Zach doesn't love the nickname Ruthie bear so usually its just Ruthie or Ruth Anne.)

I was so excited to get these pictures. I didn't actually take them since I don't have a good camera right now. 

At her 3 week appointment:
8 lb 10 oz (+1 lb since birth)
20.5 inches (+1 inch)
Everything else normal