Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday. Many of you might know it better as Mardi Gras. That's today. The day before Ash Wednesday, 46 days before Easter, and the kick off to Lent.  In many countries its the time to cleanse your house of sweet and fats so they won't be a temptation during the following month. They do this, of course, by consuming said sweets and fats. I don't happen to celebrate lent, but I do think there is value in abstaining from a bad habit such as sweets or alcohol. Being an American every Tuesday seems to be Fat Tuesday but the abstaining part rarely follows. We had Fat Tuesday last week, Valentine's day. Gabe came home with this atrocity which even he couldn't finish. They did manage to pack down a fair amount of candy and sugar cookies though. 
Heart Pancakes a la chef Zach

slkinky bent after 20 minutes of play

Cute child who may or may not have bent the slinky


  1. Hey--that whole grain goodness says L-O-V-E. No heart attack in my pancakes!

  2. "every Tuesday is fat tuesday"
    (isn't THAT the truth?!?)
    and seriously--who sends in TWINKIES to DECORATE?!?
    I almost threw up in my mouth looking at that.
    Love the love!

  3. I dropped 2.2 lbs this week. And yes, that twinke looks gross.

  4. I have to vote that he DID not bend that slinky! He's just too cute! --klm