Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bunny trail

      It was a chilly Saturday morning, but no one minded. (Our Easter bunny doesn't work on the Sabbath so we do our hunt the day before). Lincoln (16 months) even got in on the action for the first time this year. Gabe (8yr) and David (7yr) finally decided that it probably wasn't an over-sized rabbit that deposited all the candy in our yard, but before we did the hunt I gave them the speech- "If you want candy play along. You have many more years and younger siblings to not spoil this for." They were very compliant. One ambitious squirrel found a plastic egg and gnawed right through the plastic to find the treasure inside. If he wanted  it that bad he deserved the treat. It is amazing how Zach and I can spend a good portion of our evening stuffing and depositing 100 plastic eggs in the yard and within 15 minutes they are all collected and inspected. Children buzz around on warp speed though when looking for Easter eggs. Watching them hunt is one of the fun things about being a mom. I love it. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Playing Catch

From my limited parental experience, I have found that all boys really want to do is have fun and be loved. This starts at a very young age. Playing catch with Dad pretty much covers both of these two areas at the same time. Lincoln loves balls right now and isn't half bad at catching the ball from short distances. If we could only get him to say "ball" then we'd really be in business.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mother Daughter PrEaster

I bought Ruthie this cute Easter dress only to realize that we aren't even going to be a church on Easter. SO we wore our Pre-Easter dress last week instead. Still cute. It also doubled as her "princess" dress for a party last week with the help of a crown made by dad. Pretty in Pink.