Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Happy Place

This is Zach's happy place, a book and a baby. There are very few places he would rather be or things he'd rather be doing than exactly this. People ask me how I do it and I usually just tell them the truth, I have a very supportive husband. He's the one that spent 5 hours with Ruth in the ER last week when she broke her arm while I took the other crazies home. A shout out to this incredible husband and father- never mind that Father's Day was two days ago.

Rockwell 1 month

In case you needed a dose of baby today, here you go. Those Hutchins' genes are strong, yet upon looking at Zach's baby pictures, Rockwell still hasn't even approached Zach's birth weight of 12 lb 13 oz. Zach (at 3 1/2 weeks late) had rolls on his rolls.  This one looks quite slender by comparison.

And in case you were wondering what the original version looked like, here he is folks. Rolls upon rolls. Zachary Hutchins 3 1/2 weeks late, 12 lb 13 oz!!! Poor Priscilla. Rockwell looks positively slender compared to his Father's new born pictures. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Ruth's Arm

 This beautiful little girl has had a rough week. Last Tuesday she fell off the woolly mammoth tusk at Fossil Creek park, about 4-5 feet high, and broke off the ball of her right humerus. (Ruth is left handed) I saw it happen about twenty feet away from where I was sitting and rushed over when I heard her painful cry. It looked disfigured from the outside so I knew it was bad. I whistled for all of the children to get into the car "NOW" and to their credit there were all eight of us in the van in less than sixty seconds, including a newborn Rockwell. David even managed to pick up Ruth's sandals on his way out, bless his heart. I called Zach from the van and thankfully he had just gotten out of classes for the day at 12 pm so he said he would meet me at the hospital. I dropped Ruth off with Gabe at the ER entrance and Zach showed up about five minutes later.  She did go through a bit of shock and fell asleep after Zach gave her a blessing, but when she woke up she seemed in a more stable condition. Since the bone splintered the hospital staff splinted her arm and until the surgeon could get there at 3:00pm when they put her under for surgery. He ended up putting three pins in to hold the bone together and she came back with this big cheese block for extra protection. My loving husband spent the better part of 5 hours in the ER with Ruth in a terrible de ja vu from 2 1/2 years ago when she broke her arm the last time. Ruth just recovered from a bone chip off her left elbow last month from a fall out of a tree from about the same hight! This is not a good trend. Perhaps we should have a no-climbing rule for the next few years. I hope it doesn't indicate something wrong with her bone health, but the doctor says we can't even test until she is all healed. 

The day after she got home Ruth was understandably depressed in spirit from the severe limitations to her activities, but the older boys were so good to play card games with her and Lincoln and Alana even brought down some dolls. She is a little bit more active every day and no longer hangs out on the couch. We had some very loving friends bring dinner over one night, Adriane brought over a treat a game and a neat coloring pad, and her friend down the street Lucy, brought over a card and some purple nail polish. She felt loved. Ruth had a hard cast put on six days after the accident and she was hopeful that she would be able to go swimming, but alas it is not meant to be since the pins are an open wound which could get infected. They will check her arm in three weeks right before we are supposed to travel to the east coast to visit both sets of grandparents.  I hope it is doing well enough by then that they can take the pins out but we shall see. 

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Rockwell Newborns

Took these last Sunday while everyone else was at church and the house was quiet. He is such a sweet baby. We are in love. 9 days old

Thursday, May 31, 2018

David and Rockwell

Towards the end of my pregnancy David was the child that would ask me daily if the baby was coming that day. He, for one, has discovered how nice it is to hold a new born baby. Rockwell seems to enjoy being held just as much as David likes to hold him. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

fresh out of the oven

(Insert from Zach's family letter)

Wahoo! Rockwell Peter Hutchins made his way into mortality at 12:27 MST on Friday, May 18,
2018. Score one more for the plan of salvation; this was, in sports terms, one more point for
God’s side, in running up the score from the war in heaven. For those in my readership who are
NBA fans, he’s an even better human victory cigar than Darko Milicic.
Alana spent most of the past week trying to work her way into labor; she saw a chiropractor, a
masseuse, and on Thursday at her OBGYN appointment, she asked the doctor to “strip her
membranes.” She attended a Relief Society spa night on Thursday, and when she came home, I
persuaded her to go with me for a short jog. We went to bed without any real progress, but one
hour later—at 11:15 PM, she woke up with contractions. I’m claiming the credit for the jogging,
but there were a lot of women who showed up at the hospital that night, and the nurses were
talking up a change in barometric pressure as the reason. Hey, at least it’s literary: “It was a
dark and stormy night . . .”
Alana endured seven hours of labor before asking for an epidural around 6AM. About five, just
before she climbed into a tub for pain relief, she said, “My decision making tree sucks!”
Essentially, she was frustrated that no epidural meant a quicker end to labor but continued
pain; pain relief would come with a prolonged labor, because she’s learned from past
experience that she doesn’t progress very quickly once an epidural comes. Since Rockwell (like
Lincoln before him) was sideways, Alana just couldn’t push him out, despite 90 minutes of
valiant effort. Dr. Grove pulled out the vacuum (really just a small suction cup) to give her a
little help, and out he flew. He’s wonderful to hold, and our children are still lining up, four days
later, clamoring for a chance to hold him.
The Relief Society President, Natalie Cook, came over early Friday morning, and she stayed with
the kids until I made it home from the hospital, about 3PM. I brought everyone to the hospital
Saturday morning, then returned Saturday night for a fancy dinner that the hospital offers to
new parents, while a wonderful couple from the ward (he has been our home teacher; she’s in
the RSPncy with Alana) stayed with the kids.

Matthew 16:18(KJV)

18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Not quite as cheeky as Mac when he was born, but close. Mac gets to keep the title of "cheeks". 

 His first book, and not even 24 hours old.

This is my happy place