Monday, December 29, 2014

Journey to Bethlehem

       I wanted to make Christmas eve special, not too hokey, not too serious, but memorable and centered on the Savior. 

       A few weeks ago I had the privilege of teaching the Relief Society lesson on the birth of the Savior and we discussed family traditions that centered around Christ. I fielded lots of good suggestions but the one that struck me as the most appropriate to my kids age level and maturity was a night in Bethlehem. We all dressed up like shepherds in blankets and towels and dinned on simple foods that could have been eaten back then. This included homemade flat bread, cheese,hummus, olives, and fruit.  We ate with our hands by firelight and candlelight to be a little more authentic. At the end of our meal our dinner guest (an older gentleman from our ward who doesn't have any good family connections) dressed up in a sheet like the angel and announced the birth of the Savior. At that point our shepherd-children went in search of the star and the baby Jesus which I had placed downstairs in the basement, a lamp light shining on the paper star to help it "glow." I asked them some questions about how the shepherds would have felt and what they would have done and all the children who were old enough to participate were very reverent. When it was over we dished dessert, sang a song, and read a funny Christmas story. Last year's Christmas nativity was good, this was better. Even if they don't remember it, I will. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Toasty Buns

Been enjoying a few of these lately, sans roasted chestnuts. There was a pile of leftover tree (not exactly all logs) left here by the previous owner. These fires serve the dual purpose of pleasure and cleaning up the backyard.I'd like to say warmth as well but they don't put that much heat into the house unless it is really big.  

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Just too cute not to put in.  I hope they stay best friends forever. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Look at these two love birds, aren't they adorable? Last month Roger and Kristine were sealed in the Provo, UT temple and we were lucky enough to get an invite. Roger (23), Ken and Priscilla's oldest grandchild, has set a great precedent of being sealed to this worthy lady. We're crossing our fingers for a "pre-Christmas/ post-finals" visit if Rog can get off work. Congratulations you two. Makes me think of getting married myself 10 years ago. Wow, where does the time fly. What a great decision I made.

Rog looking at the camera = bored. Rog looking at Kristine = happy

Ain't she a gem? Jen is the one in the suite holding the
umbrella for the photographer

Hey Ben, way to photo-bomb an otherwise good picture


 This year Bethlehem is made out of gingerbread. Perhaps I'll create an open faced stable next year. Last year, if you'll recall, I had an awful time putting the houses together, but I've learned a few things and it went a lot smoother this year. When I said "never again" I suppose all I really meant was, "give me a year."

Ruthie's- there is a nice candy cane heart on the side and "excess" building material in her tummy.
she was the only one that chose the long side as a house front.

Gabe did a great job with the snowy roof and chimney
David wanted to make sure I knew his was symmetrical.
 David thanked me twice for making his house <3 td="">

Mac was very sharing with his birthday gummy bears and
also made a nice pile of tootsie roll logs on the side.

Monday, December 15, 2014


 This is the wooden sign that currently sits on our TV stand

This is what is on the other side

The other day I came in to find this

 And I laughed :o)  It was David. He likes to see what he can create. 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Fall Family Pictures

     When you have five children, family pictures are a hassle. When it is your husband's turn to pick the outfit and he chooses handmade bow ties from you, it is a double hassle (i.e. 5 bow ties + one for Kylan makes 6. He is not in the photos.) When you also think you are going to take said photographs, sort through them, edit them, order them, and post these photos to various internet sites, something that started in September doesn't wrap up it's time on the to-do list until December. See ya "family picture" to- do. Done. Check back in about two years. Was it worth it? Of course. They won't be this adorable forever you know.

And if you ask Zach, taking the couch to the photo shoot was an extra hassle 

(tripod and timer, not one of the children)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Birthday Boy- Take 2

Sporting Mimi's gifts- hand made quilt, sweater, and fuzzy bear.
     My angel baby has turned one! He still seems very much a baby though since he hasn't started walking or talking yet. I don't mind, I'd like to keep him just as he is forever. When I take him out to the store or library he is quite and well behaved. Lincoln enjoys investigating, but responds well when we say, "No." He is as snugly as a teddy bear and pats my shoulder when I stoop to pick him up. Lincoln will speed crawl to Zach when he sees dad and loves to wave bye-bye to the big guy.
"What am I supposed to do? Eat it?"
"Lincoln" wouldn't have fit in M&M letters

new crib friend

He was actually more interested in the M&M's than the cake

Batman and... Batman. Mac was probably the last one to wear the smaller set of pj's since they didn't come out with Ruthie. My two November birthday boys hanging tight. Mac loves to haul Lincoln around and throw him on the couch. This usually delights the miniature batman.