Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Look at these two love birds, aren't they adorable? Last month Roger and Kristine were sealed in the Provo, UT temple and we were lucky enough to get an invite. Roger (23), Ken and Priscilla's oldest grandchild, has set a great precedent of being sealed to this worthy lady. We're crossing our fingers for a "pre-Christmas/ post-finals" visit if Rog can get off work. Congratulations you two. Makes me think of getting married myself 10 years ago. Wow, where does the time fly. What a great decision I made.

Rog looking at the camera = bored. Rog looking at Kristine = happy

Ain't she a gem? Jen is the one in the suite holding the
umbrella for the photographer

Hey Ben, way to photo-bomb an otherwise good picture

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