Monday, September 27, 2010

Food Rules

I just consumed this short little booklet today by my favorite food writer- Michael Pollan. It is a brief but practical approach to eating. Many of his 63 rules will be popping up on my side bar under Nutrition Corner including:

Rule #20- It's not food if it arrived through the window of your car

#20 is closely related to Rule #21- Its not a food if it's called by the same name in every language: Big Mac, Cheetos, or Pringles)

Rule #24-Eating what stands on one leg (mushrooms and plant foods) is better than eating what stands on two legs (fowl), which is better than eating what stands on four legs (cows, pigs, and other mammals)
I believe this less-leg principle almost applies to fish as well, ranking them some where between the one leg and the two leg food.

Rule #37- "The whiter the bread, the sooner you'll be dead." As far as the body is concerned, white flour is not much different from sugar. Unless supplemented, it offers none of the good things- fiber, B vitamins, and healthy fats- in whole grains. White flour is little more than a shot of glucose. Large spikes of glucose are inflammatory and wreak havoc on our insulin metabolism. People who eat lots of whole grains tend to be healthier and to live longer.

It will take you longer to drive to the library, check this book out,and come back than it will for you to read it but the advice found therein will be well worth the trip. Keep your eyes peeled for more rules to come, but leave the peel on your potatoes and apples.

Reaching for the Son

As I was driving through our neighborhood the other day I spotted this. An out-of-the-ordinary pumpkin growing on the roof of a house. There are a few more pumpkins on the ground, but some how this vine grew up the trellis of the porch and blossomed right on top. It is perched for maximum sunlight. I thought to myself, "Self, there must be a seminary lesson in here some where. Even if I can't find THAT lesson, at least it makes a neat picture."

Align Right

So behold the neat picture with the moral lesson. I thought that this could be likened to people who reach for the Son of God. (Its a convenient homonym in the English language- Son and Sun) By making the extra effort to climb, this pumpkin has an extra good spot enjoying full sunlight. What if that pumpkin lost its place? Splat. Not such a happy pumpkin any more. It would have been better if he had never climbed so high in the first place rather than to climb and fall.

But Ahhh, what a wonderful spot to be in if he can just hang on. Tis good to hang on.

What a new couch is good for

I have Boys.

Three boys to be exact and they build forts. Or rather, they ask mom to build forts for them because they aren't quite big enough to do it by themselves. Sometimes the forts are pretty lame, but hey, I do my best.

I love watching them play together. Mac woke up after the picture taking and he was all over this fort business like white on rice.

I just get to sit back on my... couch springs? Kitchen chair? and enjoy watching their happy little faces and and hearing their little-boy conversation.

That is, until it gets a little crowded in the too-small fort and they start to shove.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Woman Food

Tonight I went to a perfectly lovely Relief Society function with perfectly lovely table arrangements, perfectly lovely women, and perfectly lovely woman food. It was all perfectly lovely. Any guesses as to the main and side dish when I say "woman food"? You got it- soup and salad. Toss on a lovely bread stick and you have your self a bona-fide Relief Society meal.

I am well aware that some of the older ladies do not even burn half the calories I do as a young, exercising, nursing mother, but come on- does it always have to be woman food? I also understand their desire to be economical which I appreciate and respect. They can't just chuck the doilies in exchange for 200 medium rare New York strips. Still, I just don't think you should leave a "dinner" feeling hungry. It's like eating the first and second course of a 3 course meal but not the main dish.

Now don't be offended if you have ever organized one of these or similar functions and served woman food. I am sure that the majority of your non-paying customers were more than satisfied with your efforts to candy the almonds and not over-salt the minestrone.The food I ate was actually pretty tasty; I just wouldn't classify it as filling. There were only a few of us who were craving something a little more substantial. My solution, just have a dessert social and not the pretense of a full meal. Serve real woman food and just make it a chocolate and cheesecake buffet. Maybe this is why I am NOT in the stake Relief Society presidency. Perhaps I'll just eat before hand next time. (And right now, I think I'll go have a snack . . . )

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How did this happen?

Perhaps its only amusing to me since I'm the mother, but how does my littlest one have the largest leg girth? I've got one skinny, one medium, and one chubby little cherub. I think Mac's legs are the biggest not just in relative terms but in actual size, then David and then Gabe.

I promise, I don't feed the baby Popsicles and Cheetos- that much. Come on people, I am a dietitian after all. And here I thought that he would "thin out" when he started crawling.

Oh well, variety is the spice of life, no? I think being rolly-polly just makes him more jolly. Just don't mention it to him, he's sensitive. :o)

Monday, September 20, 2010

That Smell

You know what I'm talking about, THAT smell. The one that offends your olfactory senses the minute you walk into your kitchen. The unidentified stench that is lurking somewhere among the cabinets and appliances. Is it fruit that's gone bad? Rotten potatoes? Garbage that needs taking out, something in the disposal, last nights dishes, WHAT IS CAUSING THAT STANK!?! Ugg, its enough to drive you crazy until you scour the entire food area to find the source of that nose-curling smell.

That was me last week when I woke up to an unpleasant odor emanating from the cooking cubby in our apartment. Like all good defenders of the food, this kitchen sheriff went to work washing and scrubbing any suspected culprits. Taking out the garbage, doing the dishes, running the disposal, cleaning out the refrigerator, changing out rags, wiping down counters- and "No children, I can't help you now, mommy is busy. It is VERY important that she finds whatever is making our house stinky." During this purging process I also mopped up one bleeding black berry pie and one bag of chicken oozing all over my fruits and vegetables. This last mess making my skin crawl with the possibility of food-poisoning me or my family.

And did I catch the perpetrator? No, he is still at large somewhere down my drain, but at least he is not committing any more olfactory crimes in my neck of the woods. In the end I have no idea what was actually smelly but whatever it was, he's left town for now. I suspect it may have been rotten food in the disposal. My job as cleaning sheriff is done for now, I've re-holstered my smoking rag and sponge. Don't worry, it is now safe to eat again folks. Until the next time...

(I must be feeling very western all of a sudden, now that I've left the greener grasses of the east coast. "Sitting Side Saddle" and now I'm the sheriff?)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sitting Side Saddle

Align Center
This is how I feel at most meal times and other sitting occasions. Ready to spring for any need that may and will arise. Feet to the side just in case. No need to get too comfortable because I'll just be getting up again. It feels like a 2 minute stretch in my seat at dinner is a luxury. "Gabe needs a fork, David needs a rag, Mac needs a drink, We forgot the cheese, how about some bread, what about dip..." I feel like I'm doing squats every time meals roll around. Its not much better when I'm on the computer either. "Don't do that to Gabe, Don't take that from David, Mac what's in your mouth?" If you'll notice most of my posts are pretty concise for this specific reason. Before I started typing this post I even cought myself "sitting side saddle" again. I wonder if you can cause permanent damage to your back having it twisted like that all the time. I'm not complaining, it makes me feel needed, but sometimes its a little ridiculous. Its lots better than the quiet alternative. I'm just wondering though, are there any other mom's out there with the SSS syndrome?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

We Survived!

This week Zach and I have been staying at Ben and Joy's house with their 5 children while they took a pleasure trip to Lake Powell with some friends. Apparently this couple has been asking Ben and Joy to come with them for 7 years and this is the first chance they have gotten to go. Our payment? No- not the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with service. You silly people, service is for nice people. And not a big fat pay check either. Even better- a trade. This summer Zach has an academic conference in Rome that will be paid for so all we have to do is foot the bill for my plane ticket and now we have babysitters as well.

In the mean time, I've gone from 3 to 8 children overnight. Zach has increased his flock as well but he's been busy with work so not as heavily invested as this insta-soccer/football-mom. "Gone" is the key word in that sentence. Gone is my time and my sanity. Actually it hasn't been that bad. The older kids can be quite a help when they put thier mind to it and the littlest one (Haley, 3 yr) is a great playmate for David and Gabe. I've had the pleasure of doing the "little kid" thing- diapers, dressing, feeding etc- as well as the "big kid" thing- getting ready for school, chores, shuttle bus and the like. So the ultimate conclusion, are we still shooting for 8?....

HECK YEAH- Bring it on.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wishing Lamp

Remember, remember
The eighth of September;
On that day once a year
A wish can be tendered
The giver will never
Refuse you, not ever,
Unless what you ask for
Is outside his treasure,
So plan and prepare for
Your wish with great care,
or You'll rue that you wasted
My boon, and your prayer, more.
Last year Zach gave me a magic lamp when he came back from Jerusalem. This is the second time I've had a chance to use it. It was inspired by a similar lamp that his dad gave his mom a long time ago for the same purpose. The 8th of September is their anniversary. (Happy 49th mom and dad!) This year I wished that Zach would exercise at LEAST 1 1/2 hours a week. Orignially I thought 3 times a week but this is a pretty busy year, being his first year teaching, so I thought I'd try to make it flexible. Exercise is the first thing to get pushed out with his busy schedule, so I thought I'd help him bump it up the priority list. After all, I don't want to be a widow at 50. Maybe you guys can raz him about it. Thanks Magic Genie!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I have a secret admirer

I have a secret admirer. I wonder who it could be. This stunning bouquet was delivered to me the other day by none other than my husband Zach. Aren't you just green with envy? Its a wonder he's not jealous of this mystery man. I wonder if he is tall, dark, and handsome. Or perhaps short, blond, and adorable. Whoever he is, I must say, he has great taste in flowers and women for that matter.

Could it be? Na

I guess I'll never know.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Tina!!!!


Because we love you! Tina is one of the most loving people I know. Very family oriented and tender. We are glad to be celebrating her birthday with her in person this year.

(We are watching Ben and Joy's kids this week since they are out of town)

Tina came over for some family dinner and cup cakes followed by a little Family Home Evening- and I do mean little. Only one candle but with so many "helpers" it was lit quite a few times for some test runs.

Love to love you Aunt Tina. You're the best.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Last night I finished Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. I would rate it as 'pretty good'. A quick, fun read centered around an original idea. Some time in the future, everyone in society gets extensive plastic surgery at the age of 16 to become stunningly beautiful. Before the surgery, everyone is considered Ugly by comparison. The Uglies have something to look forward to though. Soon they will be stepping out of Uglyville and going to New Pretty Town where everyone is always happy and all they do is party with other beautiful people. Only thing is, not everyone wants to change their face. And there is something not quite right about people who are always happy... Its a great concept. I'm looking forward to reading the other books in the series. Pretties, Specials, and Extras. I wouldn't be surprised if they made it into a movie.