Sunday, March 13, 2016

David's Baptism

My sweet David got baptized yesterday. Daivd means Beloved and he surely is. Zach performed the baptism and confirmation for our second oldest. Our family performed a special musical number, Heavenly Father Loves Me, with me on the piano, Gabe the violin and everyone with a voice singing the words, including little Lincoln who loves to sing. It was a nice number but nothing stunning yet the Lord was able to use us to touch someone's heart that hadn't been to church in years. A mother, there for the baptism of another child in the stake, said that she used to sing that song to her now inactive daughter. The daughter had come to the baptism and been touched by the spirit when we sang. That made me smile.
This moment will echo throughout eternity. Thanks for being our adopted family again Kylan Rice and standing in as a witness.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Five Months

Congratulations! Alara has now made it to Zach's birth weight -12 lb 13oz. Actually I'm just guessing because a month ago she was 11 lb 13 oz. She is still cute and wonderful, not much has changed. All the ladies in the ward want to hold her. Actually some of the men do too. Alara is like a doll. 

(I want to make one of those 12 month heart collages for Alara, which is why I am taking a picture of her every month)

David David Bo-Bavid

  Here's my very special, not-so-little guy. David makes me smile. He is full of life and expressions. My second son has a stubborn streak one minute but is also good for tons hugs and kisses the next. School seems to come naturally to him but he would rather be outside exploring. We are so glad he will be baptized on Saturday. Our family will be performing a special musical number at the baptism with me on the piano, Gabe on the violin and David singing with Zach. Love you David!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

First bites

Sometimes the children call her the fairy princess.I'm sure that it was David who came up with that name. Beautiful little Alara is so tiny for her age and her ears are a little pointed the name sort of fits. Most of all, though, she possesses baby magic, and we are all under her spell. 

Oh, and she loves to eat. Do fairies love to eat? She cries whenever she is done even if she is not hungry. (4 1/2 months)

Shower Reveal

Here is the stud taking it down to the studs. Fast forward a month and TA DA!!! Forty hours of work, give or take a few, and just about as many trips to Home Depot/ YouTube videos watched and voila! We have a new beautiful shower. After building a shower from scratch now Zach thinks he can do anything. I tend to believe him.