Friday, February 24, 2017

Don't be Jealous

 Because some things just need photo evidence. Mimi knitted 6 matching sweaters for my children this year- Wow! That's a lot of work. Mac's is especially memorable because it has the word HUTCH written across the front. Lincoln's has a star which is very fitting for his personality. She even made the girls matching skirts. It's too bad that we are having an uncommonly warm ending to our winter, however, or else they might have more occasion to wear them. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

My Boy, My Girl

This is the sort of thing my five year old girl does in her spare time.

This is the sort of thing my eight year old boy does in his spare time. They both make me smile.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Feeding Clarence

Alara likes to feed Clarence- even if he doesn't want to eat. She will pick up his bowl and follow him around the house periodically catching up to him and putting it in front of his face. To show him how delicious it is she occasionally samples Clarence's food thus demonstrating it's fine quality. She makes me laugh and Clarence takes it well. He would probably suggest a trade if he could- my food for yours Alara.  


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Camping in the Living Room

Sometimes they call it camping, sometimes it is making a "nest", sometimes it is just a bed pile, but whatever they call it, it is always fun. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

3 Daddy Daughter Dance

Don't they make a cute couple? Three years in a row officially makes this a daddy-daughter tradition. Zach always sees what Ruth is wearing and tries to wear something fancy that matches. Good thing he has so many bow ties. It was also a good thing they went to the early dance at 4:30 because by 6:00 pm they were both pooped! Zach worked up a sweat swinging and carrying her around for over an hour while Ruth just soaked it all in. (Outfit courtesy of Mimi.) In a few more years Zach will have to go to two different dances so he can treat both his daughters.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Going, Going, Gone

The bob and nod in our right dinning room table corner. Alara (16 months) has transitioned from two naps down to one and sometimes it is a little bit difficult to make it all the way through lunch before dozing off. Lincoln has a similar problem at dinner since he has recently stopped napping all together. It is very cute to watch her eyes open and close until finally they don't open anymore. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Little Miss Turns 5

We have a new rule in the house, if you want mom to make you a cake you actually have to eat it. She opted for the doughnut tower instead. Good, saves me 5 hours of work and everyone is happy. 

I think she is having a growth spurt in body and spirit. AHHH! Stop that right now. That's an order. Taller and slimmer than last year, she is quickly becoming my not-so-little girl. Her hair has even grown a significant amount this past year from shoulder length to mid back. This gal turned 5 last month, but she is still sweet as sugar. Friendly as a puppy and a social butterfly. Every week we have friends come over to play or she goes to their house. She is always making me cards and drawings or helping with Alara. I love to have her by my side in the kitchen, so much so that I even got her an apron for her birthday. She also frequently comes up to me and says, "Mom look at this" followed by a split or back bend or some such flexible pose. It's fun to watch her grow and learn and she is even well on her way to being a reader. Ruthie is a true joy to have in our home. Watch out kindergarten, here she comes!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Because it's almost Valentine's day

Zach makes it look magical!

How did I do with the camera remote? 
It must be time to post about Christmas since it is almost Valentine's day. We had a great visit from my Father from  North Carolina- that is until he got sick! Opps! That always seems to happen you visit a new place. This year we decided to adopt a Whitcomb family tradition and draw names for a homemade gift. I think the prize goes to Zach's wooden game board that can be used to play GO or Penta. I made the girls matching pink skirts, my father made Mac a sling shot, Gabe made Lincoln wooden car track boards and there were some decorated mugs and plates some where in there too. Zach helped Mac make a wooden bow tie for David and he made me a Christmas decoration with everyone's thumb prints on it. Gabe also won the prize for best gift received- he gets to go on a trip with Zach this summer to London for one of Zach's conferences. Lucky kid! Till next year Christmas.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Chalk board

How many Hutchins does it take to make a chalk mess? That's a trick question, only one of course, but this chalk board kept my three little ones engaged for quite a while. Ruth is practicing writing words like "I luv MOM" and Lincoln is still working on single letters. Alara is just trying to get more chalk on the board than herself with only limited success. I love these moments when they are all playing nicely together AND (bonus!)learning in the process. Makes my mother heart happy.