Thursday, February 2, 2017

Because it's almost Valentine's day

Zach makes it look magical!

How did I do with the camera remote? 
It must be time to post about Christmas since it is almost Valentine's day. We had a great visit from my Father from  North Carolina- that is until he got sick! Opps! That always seems to happen you visit a new place. This year we decided to adopt a Whitcomb family tradition and draw names for a homemade gift. I think the prize goes to Zach's wooden game board that can be used to play GO or Penta. I made the girls matching pink skirts, my father made Mac a sling shot, Gabe made Lincoln wooden car track boards and there were some decorated mugs and plates some where in there too. Zach helped Mac make a wooden bow tie for David and he made me a Christmas decoration with everyone's thumb prints on it. Gabe also won the prize for best gift received- he gets to go on a trip with Zach this summer to London for one of Zach's conferences. Lucky kid! Till next year Christmas.

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