Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Little Miss Turns 5

We have a new rule in the house, if you want mom to make you a cake you actually have to eat it. She opted for the doughnut tower instead. Good, saves me 5 hours of work and everyone is happy. 

I think she is having a growth spurt in body and spirit. AHHH! Stop that right now. That's an order. Taller and slimmer than last year, she is quickly becoming my not-so-little girl. Her hair has even grown a significant amount this past year from shoulder length to mid back. This gal turned 5 last month, but she is still sweet as sugar. Friendly as a puppy and a social butterfly. Every week we have friends come over to play or she goes to their house. She is always making me cards and drawings or helping with Alara. I love to have her by my side in the kitchen, so much so that I even got her an apron for her birthday. She also frequently comes up to me and says, "Mom look at this" followed by a split or back bend or some such flexible pose. It's fun to watch her grow and learn and she is even well on her way to being a reader. Ruthie is a true joy to have in our home. Watch out kindergarten, here she comes!

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