Sunday, December 27, 2009

Husband of my heart

(this was taken while we were engaged)

So the hubbie left this morning bright and early for Phillidelphia. (I'm trying this with one hand while I hold our youngest so it may be short.) I miss him already but 4 days shouldn't be that long right? He went to the annual Modern Language Association conference to interview for tenure track positions starting in Fall 2010. Marshall (WV) is today then he's got 4 others scheduled for therest of his stay- BYU, Frainklin and Marshall (PA), U Mass. Dartmouth, and Trinity (TX). Remember to keep him in your prayers. Good luck Zach and come home soon!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Gold Digging

Mom: Gabe go get a tissue, you have a buger (on his finger)
Gabe: I don't need one mom. I put it back

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bambino's Baby Blessing

A few weeks ago Zach's parents drove all the way down here from Massachussets for the baby blessing of our youngest son Mac Attack. Zach's father is his name sake so I'm glad they made the 12 hour trip to be with us. Since we aren't traveling this Christmas those 3 days are the extent of our contact with the Northeast Hutchins this year sadly. Zach actually had to bless the baby twice, the second time in the bishop's office, because the first time he did it he forgot a key phrase. The second blessing starts out, "Our Father which art in Heaven by the power and authority of the Melchizedek priesthood by which we hold..." but other than that it is similar in nature.

Baby Blessing: Kenneth MacLeod Hutchins

December 6, 2009

Take One (sacrament rendition)

Kenneth MacLeod Hutchins, we gather here today as thy brethren in the Melchizedek priesthood to give you a name and a blessing. The name by which you shall be known is Kenneth MacLeod Hutchins and we say to you that this name is also a blessing. You have been given the names of your father and one of your grandfathers and we exhort you as you go throughout your life that you will remember the men you represent and that you might after the manner of the prophet Joseph Fielding Smith honor that name and always seek to live after the example of righteousness and love which has been given you. We bless you that you will seek after the spiritual blessings which our Father in Heaven has bequeathed to all of his children, through the light of Christ. That you will seek after the blessing of healing that you will be a healer, both physically and spiritually to those around you through your faith; and that you will be given the blessing of knowledge as you seek; that you will have a true knowledge of the gospel and be one who “kens” or Kenneth spiritual things beyond our mortal understanding. These things we bless you with and say unto you in the name of Jesus Christ your Savior, amen.

P.S. To all you faithful friends and family that blog: I am probably reading your blog still but I can't comment because I'm holding the baby at night.

The kidos

So before I lose any MORE these little scraps of paper that are floating around my house I want to make another "kids say the darnedest things" entry.

I officially induct David Hyrum into the verbal portion of our family, welcoming him to this segment of my blog. He has enough words to at least make intelligible phrases if not short sentences. He's also a big fan of anything with a motor and that has the capacity to move large amounts of dirt. So much so that at meal times he can be seen taking his spoon full of meal-time-goodness to his mouth and saying, "Scoop, Release " like any excellent excavator.
This morning when Zach was helping him pray Zach said "help us be reverent", and DH repeated "help us be rabbits". Yes, well I suppose that is important too.He's a fun little guy to hang out with that David. When we were doing puzzles the other day I instructed him to "spin it" so it would fit. He obediently turned the piece and then hopped right up and started to spin himself repeating "spin, spin, spin".

Gabe :
When David Hyrum tried to commandeer the coins from Gabe's piggy bank Gabe told him, "David, you can't have those. They are for buying a house after daddy finishes his dissertation." Hate to tell you Gabe, its going to take a few more pennies than that to buy a house. A sweet thought none the less.
Sometimes when Gabe gets very upset over something he can't have or do he starts to cry and through his tears he lets me know, "mom, you did not say the right thing. You made a bad choice." I try to keep a very straight face as I explain that dad and I are the only ones that can say that.

Best one yet doesn't even come from our family, its a guest appearance by a sunbeam in our ward. A little girl named Lucy. At the store her dad was buying deodorant and she said to him, "I know what that is. Its armpit polish." How about it, any one's armpits been shined lately?