Tuesday, December 16, 2014


 This year Bethlehem is made out of gingerbread. Perhaps I'll create an open faced stable next year. Last year, if you'll recall, I had an awful time putting the houses together, but I've learned a few things and it went a lot smoother this year. When I said "never again" I suppose all I really meant was, "give me a year."

Ruthie's- there is a nice candy cane heart on the side and "excess" building material in her tummy.
she was the only one that chose the long side as a house front.

Gabe did a great job with the snowy roof and chimney
David wanted to make sure I knew his was symmetrical.
 David thanked me twice for making his house <3 td="">

Mac was very sharing with his birthday gummy bears and
also made a nice pile of tootsie roll logs on the side.

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