Saturday, December 6, 2014

Fall Family Pictures

     When you have five children, family pictures are a hassle. When it is your husband's turn to pick the outfit and he chooses handmade bow ties from you, it is a double hassle (i.e. 5 bow ties + one for Kylan makes 6. He is not in the photos.) When you also think you are going to take said photographs, sort through them, edit them, order them, and post these photos to various internet sites, something that started in September doesn't wrap up it's time on the to-do list until December. See ya "family picture" to- do. Done. Check back in about two years. Was it worth it? Of course. They won't be this adorable forever you know.

And if you ask Zach, taking the couch to the photo shoot was an extra hassle 

(tripod and timer, not one of the children)