Friday, February 24, 2012

Finally Four

Present time, Present time, Open the present and see whats inside! David was our little 6 1/2 lb present four years ago, and we've enjoyed him ever since.

On Monday we celebrated his actual birthday with cake and a few presents from Mimi and then again today at his Chuck e Cheese party.

David is a snuggle bear. His love language is touch. He likes to hold Ruthie and give her kisses all the time. He also likes to be held himself or even wrestled with, as long as we are together. He loves being read too, candy, being on the top bunk, singing Praise to the Man, playing with his brothers and indoor recess at preschool. He doesn't like to go outside unless the weather is perfect, broccoli, or cleaning up by himself. He's OK with cleaning if someone will help him. David can read simple sentences on his own and consistently puts his shoes on the wrong feet way more than half the time. He's a cutie and we love him.

David has a funny little tick of pulling on his hair. I think if he were
a girl he would just twist it but since it's too short he just kind of tugs on it.

David has the sweetest smile with big bright eyes but it can  NOT be magically summoned using the word cheese- as evidenced by this picture. 

Happy Birthday David Hyrum,
We Love YOU!


  1. sweet post for a sweet boy...impressive that he can read!

  2. Happy Birthday, David. Hard to believe that he is four already. Time certainly has gone by very quickly. Loved all the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love him TOO!!
    Happy Birthday David!!!

  4. SYou guys made the day so special and precious. What a great little guy and what terrific parents! klm