Sunday, February 19, 2012

Red Solo Cup

(This is a guest post by Zach)

So last Wednesday my beautiful sister posted on her blog about a wonderful school project that turned into entertainment for her children, who came up with all sorts of creative ways to stack 100 cups. Seeing that blog post may have fueled my competitive juices more than a little bit, and I drove to the store Thursday to buy 300 red Solo cups:

(these cups spell my sister's last name, although they're almost impossible to read because of the camera angle I had to take)

 my boys started stacking while I was gone . . . 
 . . . Who needs Legos when you've got cups? 

But then I came home and we got serious--a 300 cup castle for them to play in that was taller than my 6'1" nephew:

And the Holy Grail of red Solo cup building, a 9x9 at the base three-dimensional pyramid completed by my niece Emma:

So Sis--can you and yours top that? This is an official challenge to you, the Dub, and your brood.

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