Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First White Dress

There is a little tradition floating around the Latter-day Saint community that has to do with a girl's three white dresses. One on the day she is blessed, one on the day she gets baptized, and one on the day she gets married. I've even heard of a few people re purposing their wedding dresses as fabric for their daughter's smaller dresses. Well this is dress number one of (hopefully) three for this little gal. A rowdy crowd, but a nice event overall. We didn't do it in sacrament meeting so that Zach's sister Becky could attend who happened to be in town. 

(If you would like a copy of her blessing via email we have it all typed out, just send me a quick comment. )

 From left to right: Brother Bowles of the bishopric, Tanner, Aaron, Zach, Ben


  1. Precious girl, and those boys look so handsome! And the adults are pretty spiffy, too!

  2. Wonderful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them. You have a beautiful little girl and such a sweet cousin to play with Breyer.

  3. I took that last picture!! Kind of proud: )