Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Be Our Guest

"Be our guest, Be our guest , put our magic to the test..."

This past week Zach had a visit from his older brother Aaron and Aaron's daughter Emma. I don't know that we made it quite magical, but it was fun. Besides the fact that both visitors were able to toss up a red cup tower and take it down in less than a minute, they added much life to our little family. After 3 days of unsatisfactory sleeping arrangements, however, Aaron bailed and spent the remainder of his visit with their other brother Ben who lives in Lindon. Zach's sister Becky stayed with Ben for a few days as well but some how I neglected to get any decent shots of her. Opps! I did catch one of her cute baby though. 

Making deluxe from-scratch brownies with cousin Emma. A post-baby blessing treat

Catching a quick chess game with decent competition. This is Zach's favorite board he got in Prague 10 years ago. 

Aaron reigned supreme this weekend winning 2-1 in the series

El Oso (the bear) with Osita (little bear)
You great Spanish speakers out there can correct my grammar if need be.

A Visit from a much closer town


  1. Loving all these posts about the Utah visits! More this week - yeah!

  2. Glad everyone enjoying the visitors from the east coast. I'm sure Emma had a wonderful time seeing all of her cousins and the newest one.