Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Happy 30th ZACH!

Dear Husband of my heart,

I love dad because...

1. he wrestles with us- Gabe
2. he's nice- David
3. he is the job doer (like the one who makes the money)- Gabe
4. he does all the jobs in the house- David
5. he just wanted to serve on his birthday-Alana
6. he reads to me- Gabe
7. he's a good muffin man- Mac
8. he helps the missionaries be more effective-Alana
9. he lets us play bubbles with him- Mac
10. he is a good singer- Ruth
11. he is a great builder- Mac
12. he helps us do rocks-Gabe
13. he swings me in the air-Ruth
14. he plays with us- David
15. he is wise for his buying choices- Gabe
16. he is a good washer of the clothes- Mac
17. he is building me a beautiful dinning room table- Alana
18. he bounces me when we sing, "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam"- Ruth
19. he swings us on the swings-David
20. he lets us climb trees- David
21. he lets us turn on and off the lights in our new house- Gabe
22. he donates unselfishly to those with less-Alana
23. he likes to dance- Mac
24. he gives good hugs- Ruth
25. he is a good teacher and speaker- Alana
26. he takes us to fun places- David
27. he loves to tickle me- Ruth
28. he is a good piano player- Mac
29. he is his own person- Alana
30. he puts the Lord first and his family close behind- Alana

your adoring family