Monday, September 2, 2013

The Black Needle

This labor day our family participated in our very first pinewood derby race at the "Harmony Mormon Motor Speedway". I helped the boys draw out a design and paint their cars but Zach did the actual construction and weighting of the cars to get them to the proper 5 oz. It was a team effort. David and Gabe opted for "fast" cars and Mac stuck with a "fun" car. Zach, as the ward assistant mission leader, was appointed to be in charge of the race and did most of the foot work for the event including setting up the tracks, helping with weigh-ins and being the MC. He did a great job and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Well, that is, until the end when there weren't enough prizes to go around. David was heart broken he didn't get a prize since Gabe's car won fastest and Mac's car won 3rd for creativity- a Waste Management Truck. Sorry David, maybe next year. 

The "black Needle", winner of the pinewood derby races. A fragile design but apparently a fast one. 

Mac's garbage 

Pretty sure Mac told her to put her name sticker on her head. She was all too happy to comply. She was very disappointed we didn't make her a 'tractor' to play with but otherwise a happy little girl. 

Yes folks, that is a live lizard on the car to the left- "Smog". I feared for his life every time he raced to the bumper with some of the other unstable cars that would flip. He made it out okay though. Definite win in the "Creative" category. 

The Black needle strikes again. 

Yeah Gabe! 


  1. Fancy trophies! Looked like a fun event!

  2. We are laughing so hard over here over the poor lizard! What in the world? I can't believe the owner did that. GREAT event! Did you have to make those adorable candy cars and trophies? Congratulations to Gabe!!!!

    And congratulations to Gabe and the Black Needle!