Friday, September 6, 2013

First Day

       Even though the temperature still very much feels like summer, my sweet boys started school this week. Gabe and David got into a charter school that is phasing in uniforms, Ridgeview Classical- hence the matching attire. They were excited to go and I hope they love it. They will be learning Latin and Gabe will also be starting the Greek alphabet this year in addition to the Riggs phonetic system of reading and other rigorous scholastic endeavors.  (Can you tell Zach found this school and fell in love with it?) Oh and they do karate at school too. Since Gabe is a transfer student he is in the lower math class for now since he didn't learn to do multiplication in 1st grade. HA! Pretty sure I didn't do multiplication till 4th grade. It will be good for them. David is just starting out though so he will get the chance to learn his multiplication tables in 1st grade like the rest of the children. Go get'em guys. 

I can't remember what was so funny, Gabe just loves to laugh

Big Mac ready for preschool 


  1. AAAAAaaaaaa!!!
    I can hardly stand it they're SO handsome.
    I may or may not have kissed the monitor while looking at these pictures.
    Tell them HAPPY school year from their biggest fan!

  2. Those pictures are great! I can't believe they're that old!

  3. Wow! That is quite the school. They'll be ready to tutor high schoolers by the end of the year.