Sunday, September 15, 2013


Our yard is a work in progress. Zach has spent some serious hours in the past two weeks laying some sod and preping the rest of the ground for grass seed. From this angle it looks like we have a lovely front yard. Lay some sod, toss in a few flowers and bam! Instant walk way. From the street a few days ago though, you get a different picture. There was a huge mound of mulch left from grinding a stump before we moved in, tons of weeds which I pulled out, and very sparse grass in between. (The picture below is from the spring and much greener than it was when we moved in in July.) Well the Lord was kind enough to send rain so here's hoping to a real lawn in about a month.

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  1. It all takes time. I have a portion of my front lawn that is only green when the crab grass comes in. When that dies off, I have a big brown spot--all dirt. I've tried several times to seed this, my neighbor has done it, and Uncle David tried earlier on with no such luck. Probably because the snow gets piled up there and the salt probably is the culprit. My flowers look good though. I'm sure your yard will look lovely when it is completed and the grass grows.