Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Office Space

Over Christmas break Zach decided to revitalize his dungeon cell down in the basement, since he will be spending so much time there in the coming months. I should have taken a before picture so you  could see the difference, but just imagine brown wooden boards as shelves and an unsightly tan color on the walls. If you are a man, you may say to yourself, "The walls still look tan," but if you are a woman you realize that they are now an appealing taupe color instead. This nook was never really organized after we moved in a year and a half ago so it was over due for a tidying up. Left side office, right side food storage. Best of both worlds.Happy writing Zach.


  1. Looks so nice! I especially love his initials on the wall. (And he can snack in bulk while he writes!)