Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gone till Sunday

Remember this guy? Well he left yesterday to drive to Seattle Washington for job interviews at the national MLA (English) conference. Nothing like a 13 hour drive to warm you up for the firing squad. The drive was on the heels of teaching his first day of classes for the semester. He's arrived in one piece though and seems to be doing fine. From what he tells me, his students didn't seem all that broken up about Zach having to cancel the second day of classes either. Wish him luck!

Here's his stand in. Zach's mom flew in yesterday to be here just in case the baby decides to make an early entrance into the world. I'm happy for the company even if I don't go into labor and the boys are loving having Mimi around. I think Dad misses his other half though. My phone has been a lot busier with her here the past 24 hours than it is usually. Who can blame him? Everybody loves mom. 


  1. she's knitting something PINK!!...

  2. She's the best company! My boys love her visits. Poor Dad.

  3. Good luck Zach!! Glad Mimi made it safe and sound, and she ALWAYS has knitting needles in her hands--they are the busiest. So it's Grumpy and Gracie holding down the fort. I'm sure the granddaughters upstairs will help to keep him company over the weekend. He needs to start feeling better, too. Hopefully he is on the mend.