Friday, June 1, 2012


We spent our Memorial Day morning at Vineyard. No, not Martha's Vineyard. (Wouldn't that would be nice.) It's a local business that sells plants and flowers as well as some exotic farm animals. It also has a playground for the kidos. 

One of their fancy roosters
In case you are a 'whim' spender. 

His less ornate companion

I even let Gabe and David take a few pictures. Of course they had the strap around their neck and I was following about 12 inches behind, but they did a pretty good job. My camera came back to me in one piece.
 This is one of the shots Gabe took, conveniently right at eye level.

Technically you don't even have to buy anything to walk around and use the playground equipment but we ended up buying a 3 dollar window flower anyway. Well worth it.


  1. Is that Vineyard, as in west Orem? That use to be a break-off? Anyway, very cute pics!

  2. You've got cute kids.

    The End.

    And I really like these shots btw. Great job!

  3. You let me know when your plans in include MARTHA's vineyard... I'll meet you there.