Sunday, June 10, 2012

Three squares

Last night as I was in the restroom my two year old decided to join me for some not-so-private time. Good thing too, since I notice that I have run out of toilet paper. "Mac, go get mommy some toilet paper from your bathroom." In his youthful zeal he zooms out of my bathroom and down the hall. About a fifteen seconds later he returns with his fist clenched, proudly holding out one square of TP. "Here mommy." I look at the meager offering and tell him, "Thank you sweetie, but I need this much" (making a gesture with my hands for a foot and a half) "ok Mommy". He zooms right back out of the bathroom on his second mission to capture the flag. A minute later he's back with exactly two more squares for a grand total of three squares of toilet paper. At I can see we are not making much progress.In all fairness it did fill up his little fist so it probably seemed like a lot. I laugh and tell him "Thank you very much Mac, that is just perfect". He is so pleased to be of help. I am so pleased with my three squares.


  1. Funny! Been in that situation a LOT! Lots of unprivate moments, and toilet paper runners.

  2. And I thought (by looking at the title) that you were going to be talking about meals. Hah!