Monday, June 11, 2012

Morning Glory

This is my little morning glory. She is so excited when you come get her in the morning, which is currently around 6:00 AM most days. (she usually sleeps for about 10 hours waking up once. Not bad compared to my other children) She even looks like this many nights when I come to get her at 1:00AM. She doesn't cry really, just talks to herself and waits politely. She looks like she is ready to play but after I feed her she falls back asleep. Even when she is upset about something it is more like a disgruntled cough than an actual cry. How did I get so lucky? I think me and she are going to be best-ies. Best of friends.


  1. Dad and i were just talking about how cute she is! She is a winner all the way around!

  2. We'll have to call her Miss Morning. If I recall, Mr. Morning was a happy baby, too! She is a sweetie, and yes, you are very lucky. I'm sure you are having lots of fun with her.