Monday, June 18, 2012

My sweet David

This is David at his preschool graduation performance. Doesn't look too happy does he? Well he isn't. The graduation was at 4:00 which is prime zonk out time if you are 4 years old and driving in the car. We woke him up after a five minute nap to take the stage for his songs. He was none too thrilled with that. I had to sit with him for a while just to get him to go up. If you catch Daivd at the wrong time, especially if he is over tired, he gets anxious and in this case stage fright. He knew all the songs and would sing them in class but put him on stage and he clammed right up. He stayed that way till about half way through when Zach took him out and had a little chat with him. After that he gave a meek performance. The picture next to him is his AMAZING preschool teacher, Ms. Megan. If she had been teaching a four year old class next year we would have followed her but she is staying with 3 year olds. A teacher full of smiles, patience and fun activities and songs for the kids. The perfect recipe for a preschool teacher if you ask me. I think preschool teachers are saints honestly. Right up there with Mother Teresa caring for the poor. Notice how David is not actually in this picture with his teacher? He had another panic moment and hid behind the door post. Maybe its a four year old thing. I'm hoping he grows out of it, but if he does I think I'll always remember timid David. 

Yup, the monkey with his head and hands straight down. 


  1. I wonder if he is feeling the "middle child" syndrome. Has he always been that shy? Maybe he was just too tired to be involved. He is a cute little boy.

  2. I know all about the boys getting tired routine over here. Those are real boys!

  3. When I was little, I would get shy when I thought I was expected to do something and everyone was watching. I am a middle child, too, so I relate! Go David. He'll come into his own with such great parents and siblings as models. :)