Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ringing in the New Year

As of this week it is official, all my boys are back in school, including the biggest one. Only the girls in our house are out of the loop, and Ruth doesn't even realize it. Instead of a new calendar year, it is a new school year and Zach always welcomes it in with his yellow suit coat. It is like bringing the sunshine into the classroom with you. The students love it, and him. Can't you just feel the energy when school starts again?

(It only comes out on the first day though. Students can't be expected to stare into the sun all semester long.) 


  1. this tradition CRACKS.ME.UP.
    maybe it's the suit coat.
    either way...
    I love him TOO!!!

  2. It should come out the last day as well!

  3. Thank heavens there's no bow tie this time.