Monday, September 17, 2012

Crime and Punishment

The Crime. And yes, that is permanent marker.

The accused. When I came to the breakfast table and asked who had done it, Mac tried to point to David and tell me it was him until I spotted the evidence marked on his forearm. Case closed.  

The punishment. He had to help me try and scrub it off for ten minutes till the paint began to peel and lost his TV that day. He's been losing a lot of TV recently.  

Mr. Too-cute for his own britches here has become a little naughty lately. Not tantrum naughty, thank goodness, just pushing the envelope to see what he can get away with before there is a consequence. It is not always a good thing when mom is wrapped around your little finger. I am slowly becoming unwrapped though. Firm yet loving. It's a tricky balance. He was having the terrific-two's up until about two and a half, but there is something to be said for the terrible twos. Mac is definitely not terrible, but he's not always terrific either. He still knows how to make me smile almost always. Like the other night when I caught him red handed. I found Mac sitting on the table eating Ruthie's poofies (rice puff baby snacks). It was very hard to keep a straight face when I saw him, but I made  him get down and apologize to Ruth for eating her food. I know I'll be sad when he's too big to do stuff like that any more. Heck, I'm already sad he's not one anymore. No more drawing on the doors though Kenneth MacLeod! That is NOT cool.


  1. Hope you got it all off. If not, I recommend toothpaste. I know this from personal experience sadly... He is awfully cute though :)

  2. I love him! (How can you NOT?)

  3. Oh my! He is so cute. Better put those markers out of harm's way. He may do more than the door the next time. Those are such fun Mommy moments, aren't they?