Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hey Mom, Can I...?

Isn't that the eternal question- Hey mom, Can I have a candy bar before dinner, can I watch T.V., Can I go play at Simon's house, Can I dump out the Legos, Can I wear shorts, Can I play in the sprinkler? 

All questions that aren't necessarily bad activities, but still need parental approval before proceeding to fun. Yellow light activities let's say. If it is good, a green light, they don't even have to ask, like "Can I help my brother clean up his toys?" If it is bad, a red light, they already know the answer.They are either not going to do it or they are going to do it anyway but certainly not tell you about it before hand. 

We have a prime example of a yellow light activity here. David asked before hand about wading in the one-foot deep water hoping I would say yes. I consented, but he still had a little accident. Bless his heart, he is such a trooper. 
Hey Mom, can I play in the pond?
Mom, I fell in. 

Do you want to go home David?
No.That's OK, I don't want to leave yet. 

(As a side note, David went on his first "move" with Zach tonight and carried boxes like a champ. Word is he was anxiously engaged the whole time carrying things that were very heavy for him. That's my boy.)