Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Soft Skin

David: "Mom, you have such soft skin."

Mom: "David, your skin is softer than mine. Usually the younger you are the softer your skin."

David: "So Mac's skin is softer than mine, and Ruthie's skin is softer than his."

Mom: "That's right David, Ruthie has the softest skin in our family."

Gabe: "Hey, that means that dad's skin is softer than mom's skin because she's older than him."

Mom: (Pause)"Yes Gabe, that's probably true. Thanks for reminding me."


  1. Cute--love his comment about his Dad's skin being softer than his Mom's!! Makes me chuckle.

  2. For your benefit, skin returns to being baby soft again as you age. You CAN have softer skin than Zach when life comes full circle.

  3. Welcome to the ranks of being older. For the record, he looks older!

  4. Your children just crack me up! Each one is funny and sweet in his/her own way.--Hope I get to meet them some day in person! klm