Thursday, July 5, 2012

A different red, white, and blue

     I thought it very fitting that my son disfigured his face on July 4th so that his wound appeared red and blue on a white background. 

   Yesterday before we all got in the van to go to the store Mac tripped over a crack in the cement and hit the ground- hard. Oh he was sad. That made me sad. He was so pitiful. I could literally see the goose egg rise up off of his forehead as I sat there with him. It was like a horn growing right before my eyes. All of a sudden I had a baby rhinocerosI told Zach that I think this is the biggest lump on any of our boys so far and they have all had their fair share of bumps and bruises.  Five minutes of hugs and kisses pretty much restored his cheerful character though, and we were on our way again. Can't keep this kid down. 

These shots were a few hours after the run in with the cement so his happy
 spirits were fully recovered by then


  1. Oh my goodness! That's quite the shiner. Hard to imagine happy little Mac so sad. What a tough kiddo.

  2. Oh, that's quite a bump. Hope you iced it right away. He matched the day--red, white and blue!

  3. Wow, that's a "scowl-a-bumpa" for sure! Get better fast!

  4. oh BOYS!!! Give that bump a BIG kiss from me.