Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Little Dragons

Welcome to little dragons, i.e. Karate Kid 6.

 A while ago Gabe told us he wanted to do karate instead of t-ball this year so we signed him up for a month long introductory course. We said that if he liked it we would consider signing him up for something more long term. Turns out this is just what our bouncy ball needs- a firm voice telling him to focus, be still, and pay attention. The physical skills seem to almost be secondary to training your mind. Just in the month he has been there his snap kicks have gone from limp fish  to an actual kicking noise on the practice pad.  They even learned some basic 'stranger' techniques to use if someone grabs them. 

looking very fierce in one of his more focused moments while blocking

His instructor, Beau ("Bow"), showing them how it's done

I think this could be a very good thing. 


  1. I love his focused look. He's so tough.

  2. It was good for rich until he karate chopped mom in the stomach. I've always wanted my boys to learn that!