Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lucky 13

Look who's six months! Born on Lucky Friday the 13th, and six months old on Friday July 13th. I can't believe her babyhood is half over. I'm a little sad about that since she has been such a wonderful baby. She does sound a little like Attila the Hun recently when she is hungry, but it's still funny to listen to. Not so much a baby cry as a battle cry. She babbles up a storm other times and worms around all over the floor. She will probably start crawling within the next week or two. The whole family loves hearing her giggle and enjoys her sunny disposition. What a blessing you are Ruth Anne. 

weight 15 lb 7oz       35%
Length 27 in             95%
Head 16 1/2 in           25%


  1. Girls are so much fun! Especially with a bunch of boy friends around to enjoy them ;-)

  2. I love that last picture. Even angel babies won't leave headbands on. Haha.

  3. Oh, so very cute! Love the pictures.