Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sunday Dinners

Tina: "Best out of two, best out of two"
One thing that I will sorely miss if we leave Utah is our Sunday dinners. It doesn't look like we will be leaving for at least another year though so I'll get to enjoy them for at least a little longer. Even though it's usually more work than I would like to spend on a Sunday meal, it's such a pleasure when it rolls around. Zach's sister Tina brings over his BYU niece and nephew, Tanner and Naomi (from different families) and we squish 8 people around our 6 person table and just have a good time. More often than not one of my small children are dozing off in their food, every one is chowing down and saying yum because they haven't eaten much all day, Tanner is teasing Tina,  and Tina is threatening Tanner with having to walk back home. After the kidos head off to bed its time for a game or two with the over 18 crowd. Hopefully this tradition will continue many more years to come. If we ever get a house, perhaps we'll be able to finally fit the Lindon Hutchins crew of 7 and they can join in the fun. Cheers!


  1. Fun times and sweet pictures of Tina and Ruth.

  2. Sounds like where you guys are is just the place to be! And all the pictures of Ruth Ann and the boys recently are all so sweet.--Karen M.

  3. We're so grateful for those dinners!