Monday, March 12, 2012


Meet Bossyboots. This is Mac. He is two years old. That means he likes to boss things around. If we had pets I'm sure he would boss them around, but we do not. The only thing smaller than him in this house right now is Ruthie so occasionally he tells her, "Rufie don't cry." Who gets the majority of his bossing? I do. " Mommy, don't sing," "Mommy, don't feed Rufie", "Mommy don't go." And my favorites, "Mommy, don't shake" (when he sees me dancing) and "Mommy, don't pray me" (when I'm holding him and my arms are folded over him). I think he just wants to feel like it's a two way relationship where I tell him what to do and he tells me what to do. Most of the time it just makes me laugh and I call him bossyboots. 

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  1. He's ADORABLE! I call my grandson Mr. Bossy Pants sometimes, so I think I have Mac's number. Hope to meet him someday! Bossyboot boy!

    Karen M.