Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's all the same

Nice cozy blanket, bathroom rug- it's all the same

Soft toddler mattress, hard tile floor- its all the same

10 am, 2 pm- its all the same
Mac stayed home from Church on Sunday because of an ear infection/cold that will just not clear up. For some reason they don't like these little germ incubators to go to nursery if they are sick- can't imagine why. Zach stayed home with him and when he stepped out of the shower this is what he found. A very sweet and sick two year old catching up on some much needed rest.


  1. That boy needs a hug from his Aunt Jenny...

  2. He's like his Great Uncle David--he could sleep anywhere!! I hope he is feeling better. And yes, he needs a hug from his Aunt Jenny. He is so precious. Did Mimi make his sweater?

  3. Love seeing those squishy kissable cheeks! So sorry he's not feeling well...although a quieter boy is not too bad every once in a while!

  4. Just so very precious. :) Karen Madison