Monday, March 5, 2012

Richy Rich

This is Zach's illusive Connecticut brother who is running for Busiest Man of the Year award. Between the ten kids, traveling for Pfizer, and being stake president we're not quite sure if he actually sleeps at night. We were graced by his presence for one night on his stop-over trip from California. His BYU daughter, Naomi, horded him the other two nights. Selfish ;o) Good to see you Rich, come again soon and stay longer.

He boys just ate him up

Los Hermonos- can you see them trying to be the tallest?
" A smile is the window of the soul indicating the heart is home."


  1. I can just hear Rich's growly voice reading "Seven in One Blow."

    He never forgets to be awesome.

  2. What fun for the children, and looks like he is enjoying reading to everyone as well. We know that Zach is the tallest but he crouched down. I met a man on Friday who was 6ft 9in--he had to duck his head in the undercroft of the church so he didn't hit one of the beams with his head! Love the picture of the three brothers.

  3. Over here in Ohio all my brothers are illusive! Fun times!