Monday, December 12, 2011

The very best price


With all the Christmas hustle and bustle there are a lot of businesses offering promotions right now and Saturday happened to be a lucky day for me. Here are the items we got for FREE:

3 kid cones at Chic Fil-a 

yet to be used coupon for Zach's stocking stuffers

90% off maternity shirt = 4$, purchased with a 10$ coupon to Khol's

50$ ring bought with 50$ coupon to a jewelry store

Picture frame holder 50% off of $12= $6, the rest of my Khol's coupon

6 free gumballs from a guy fixing the machine. If my kids hadn't been watching I would have refused .
His hands looked a little greasy- yuck!

All in all I say we made out like bandits. Here's to poorly planned promotionals! None of this made me buy anything from their stores, which was I'm sure the point of the gifts. Wishing you good luck shopping as well.


  1. I can so go into a store and do that! I'm just not a shopper so I don't do any shopping except what's on the list!

  2. great finds Alana! That's my kind of shopping! =)

  3. Always nice to find free items and bargains this time of year. Actually any time of year is fine with me. Way to go! I don't do much shopping at Kohl's. I really don't need much anyway. Picked up some gloves for our Angel Tree at church for a five year-old boy and those were half off, so that was a good deal.