Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Pictures

Christmas Cereal- a traditional treat

Our day started with a sugar buzz to help us get us off to church. Sacrament meeting only lasted 50 minutes instead of the regular 70 and then the next two hours of church were cancelled, which many people didn't mind. (I sort of felt like we were slighting the Lord on His special day but I didn't have much control over it.) After that we spent a nice morning at home opening gifts and playing together as a family. 

Some professorial Christmas corduroys 

Taking a peak on Christmas morning before the actual opening has begun 

Dinosaur train toy from grandma

Lego set from grandpa- "Wow, this is my best gift"
Later on we went over to Ben and Joy's to enjoy a lovely ham dinner with all the fixings and some good cousin time. A very Merry Christmas indeed. David's question to me today- "Mom, when is the next Christmas?"

Teaching the boys Dominion- our new favorite game

Della and will (Ben and Joy's neighbor who now lives in an assisted living center)


  1. Thanks for sharing your Christmas Day with us.

  2. Thanks for sharing your day with us! Cute pics of all your cute boys. Della makes me laugh! Will just had to come?